• It’s in the DNA

    Courtney Capital Management’s proprietary investment process and strategy are what drive our performance and decision making process.  We want to remove the emotions when making investment decisions to focus on what the market is telling us, not what it’s making us believe.

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  • One Step At a Time

    Courtney Capital focuses on your overall picture to help create a plan that’s right for you.  We bring in our team of experts, CPAs, Attorneys and other advisors to ensure everyone is on the same page and everyone is acting in your best interests.

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  • Getting You Where You Want To Go

    Courtney Capital offers a full suite of Financial Planning for individuals and businesses.  We help you achieve your goals through innovation and practical application.  Our financial plans are dynamic and based on reality.  No one wants to follow a line or a dot;  you need advice that is respective of your personal situation.

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  • Performance Based

    Courtney Capital focuses on what matters to our clients: performance.  It drives all of our investment decisions. Our daily monitoring of our core portfolios gives our clients the peace of mind that we are here, working for them, watching their investments so they don’t have to.

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  • Rules Based Investing

    Courtney Capital adheres to a strict set of rules that govern what and when we buy and sell.  Our proven strategies take the emotion out of investing and provide a basis for our investment portfolios.

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Each client has unique goals and objectives. Because we work with a very limited number of clients, each client receives personal attention and their portfolio receives individualized analysis. Courtney Capital operates under the principle that clients are not numbers, but people with distinct circumstances. We work closely with our clients and develop personal, meaningful relationships so we can deliver personal advice.